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 If you can Dream it ::: We can Design it

We specialize in custom residential design and understand the impact a good design can have on the daily lives of our customers and clients.

Design should let each space have a meaning for its existence...spaces should flow from one to another as air would flow from one room to another providing changing vistas that allow for a dialog between the outdoors, indoors changing materials and texture that help create a lifestyle desired by the client.We utilize personalized and custom residential building design plans in Alberta to construct residential and business properties according to the needs and ideas of their clients

Effective space utilization is any owners biggest challenge and we excel at creating spaces that not only meet clients needs but are also adaptable to future needs and changes. We help clients visualize their homes and spaces in 3D so they can understand better what they are going to build. As a home is one of the largest investment an individual will do in their lifetime we can help to make sure that they are getting the best product possible within the existing parameters. With our many years of experience and the latest technical knowledge, you can be rest assured that we can easily make your dream home in Alberta with our affordable custom residential design plans.In order to create your dream home, it's important to find the right designer to help you bring your custom residential home design plans Calgary.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated professionals passionate about improving peoples lives through Better House Design.

Our Designers have a combined experience of over 30 years in the design field including the latest software and are committed to fulfilling client needs through work excellence and creative solutions.

Our Approach is simple...we listen to you and collaborate effectively to exceed your expectations.

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What We Offer

Initial Design Meetings

with the owner to listen and capture the needs and wants on the spaces required in the house.

Concept / Design Drawings

first set of drawings of the house for discussion with client, consultants or contractors.

Custom Renovation Options

In all our custom residential design plans in Alberta, we design the space with the utmost efficiency and ingenuity. Be it basements, additional rooms, bathrooms or kitchens, we ensure that one room flows naturally into the other one for easy access and communication.

Sketchup / Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings

to clarify any issues on space layout and design for client and to confirm that the design meets the client expectations.

Feasibility Analysis

to explore options and highest and best use scenarios for a given parcel.