Selected Projects

(In various mediums - sketching, concept, 3d, renderings, cad)

                                                               If the city has approved your house permit drawings in Calgary you can proceed to build your project as per the drawings.

Concept Visual

Concept Model Visualizing the plan and the volumes of the house. This also helps to see if any windows need adjustments for views.

Exterior Materials Study

Front Elevation with materials to be used to make sure the selected stonework, stucco is acceptable for architectural controls.

Scale And Proportion Sketching

Concept Sketch of the front elevation to explore ideas for window size and styles, proportions and materials.

Interior Space 3d Modelling

Interior 3D Rendering to see how the space looks like and if any openings are required to give the room a spacious feel.

Concept Study For Levels

Concept Model to check various levels of the house and the window placements, what can be changed to create better exteriors.

Basement Design & Drawings

Making the most use of the space and creating large open areas that can be used for games, recreation, or parties.

Landscape Design And Planning

Getting the most use from a sloping backyard with multiple retaining walls and enough space to put a patio with fire-pit and trampoline.To create your dream home, it's important to find the right designer to help you bring your custom residential architectural design in Calgary.

Custom Millwork Design

Kitchen island was designed that had space for working areas, library, clean and wash areas along with the finishes to be used.

House Floor Plan Reviews

To get a building permit in Calgary and elsewhere, agencies are required to submit a proper and professional-level permit drawings. We engage our top designers and engineers for making these essential house permit drawings.