Service List

  • Custom Home Design
  • Passive House Design
  • Design Review Services

  • Permit Drawings
  • Site Analysis

  • ​Spiritual Design
  • Photorealistic 3D Renderings
  • 3D Sketchup Models

  • Net-Zero Concepts

  • Custom Millwork Design
  • Basement Designs

  • Addition Drawings

Service Process


First we meet with the client(s), gather all the required data, documents and the requirements and what is it that the client is trying to achieve on their project.


Next we will analyze the site for solar orientation, views, wind direction, terrain, context, landuse bylaw, building codes, adjacent properties.


Next we will create a concept design within the allowed building envelope on the site and meet with the client and other consultants. For this purpose we do a 3d rendering of the property to facilitate proper house design in Alberta.


Once all  the previous stages have been signed off by the client and is okay to proceed forward we will start preparing the permit drawings.

Specialty Consulting

We provide services on a wide variety of things related to Homes and  Home Design:

SITE SELECTION - If you are thinking of building your house but need recommendations on site selection - we maybe able to help by identifying pros and cons on the shortlisted sites.

SITE ANALYSIS - If you already have a site but require options on how the site could be developed we maybe able to help by providing concept sketches for the options.

DESIGN REVIEW - If you already have the concept design but are not happy with the output - we maybe able to help by reviewing and providing recommendations.

The best way is to call us and we can sit down with you to discuss what your are trying to achieve and what we can provide to help you accomplish your goals.

Get a real visualization of your dream project with 3D rendering and house design Alberta and see the difference!

Design is exploring what does not work for you and then changing it in a way that helps you use it even better.